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EL'VAWN - Tango Pour - Femme - 100ml
Tango has a scent of coffee with the savours of floral spicy notes, capturing the essence of flora and musk leaving the mark of distinct identity. Notes: Top Notes: Almond, Coffee, Bergamot, Lemon Heart Notes: Tuberose, Jasmine Sambac, Orange Blossom,...
FA'RA London - Women - Red Berries - 100ml
Red Berries is a light and floral fragrance that is a divine concoction of roses and peonies, along with a touch of musk and sandalwood. It is the scent of success for career driven women.
FA'RA London - Women - Scandal - 100ml
Scandal is a bold fragrance that encaptures your senses, with a rich combination of honey, milk, orange and patchouli. It is the perfect companion to a woman who is glamorous, bossy and beautiful.
FA'RA London - Women - True Love - 100ml
True Love is a floral bouquet which combines rose and magnolia with a hint of cedar and musk, topped off with blackcurrant and raspberry. It is a scent for women with fiery passion
EL'VAWN - Dusk Pour - Femme - 75ml
Dusk is a woman with spicy personality, who loves to hangout. A perfect blend of dark and musky notes setting  up a sharp and citrusy scent that delights you and those around.   Notes: Top Notes: Lemon, Bergamot, Mint, Orange peel,...
FA'RA London - Women - Oriental Blue - 100ml
Oriental Blue is a fruity, floral long lasting scent with cherry blossom with a heart of waterlily and tea leaves. A touch of Mandarin and cocooning musk brings sophistication to the fragrance. It is the scent of a woman who...
FA'RA London - Women - Delice - 100ml
Delice is a rich and spicy mix of scents like vanilla, patchouli and pink pepper along with the sweetness of pears. It is the embodiment of a mature young woman.
FA'RA London - Women - Rubellite - 100ml
Rubellite is a delightful scent with peaches and jasmine with a heart of caramel. A touch of orange and amber brings sophistication to the fragrance. It is the scent of stylish women who dare to take risks.
Miriam Marvel's - La Reine Eau De Perfume For women - 75ml
BE AS ROYALTY SHOULD BE A perfume that suits the classy personality. For the strong woman that shines with feminism. A royal woman.
Rs.5,000 Rs.3,750
Miriam Marvel's - Her Code Eau De Perfume For Women - 75ml
FOR A FRESH AND ALLURING LADY You can’t go wrong with Her Code. As it suits every woman’s nature. A floral fruity scent that has a touch of sweetness. For a fresh and alluring lady.
Rs.5,000 Rs.3,750
Miriam Marvel's - Eyelash Eau De Perfume For Women - 100ml
ENJOY THE POTENTIAL OF INFLUENCE Your image wouldn’t be perfect without Eyelash, the perfume that completes it.Its name expresses one of the most charming powers of women. Join modern women society and enjoy the potential of influence.
Rs.4,000 Rs.3,000
FA'RA London - True Love Gift Box For Women
This Perfect gift set is featuring True love and a red clutch. It is a scent for women with fiery passion
FA'RA London - Scandal Gift Box For Women
This Perfect gift set is featuring Scandal Perfume and clutch, it is designed for the women who is glamorous, bossy and beautiful.

There come a number of reasons that women use perfumes in Pakistan. Whether a wedding, birthday party, or New Year's eve; at all occasions Pakistani women love to wear perfumes that can give the best fragrance. Fragrances are good friends of women as they talk with girls and women when they are alone. Most importantly, perfumes or fragrances have the power to change the way a woman feels about herself as well as about others. In simple words, they can change her mood.

Feel the Power of a Perfume

The power of perfumes is much more than cosmetics. When it comes to cosmetics, people just see them, but perfumes are felt and they penetrate in the mind of others, changing their mood and impression towards you. The appeal of perfume has always been empowering as well as ephemeral, for it has the power to create a shimmering invisible armor that can linger at a place long after you have gone from there. A good quality perfume contains a subtle power to infuse your imagination, hinting at a hidden identity.

Women in Pakistan wear perfumes so that other people can feel good while being with them. A good fragrance keeps both the wearer and people around her happy, and they enjoy together adding good moments in their memories.  

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Be it Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Faisalabad, Quetta, Peshawar, or any other city, we deliver women's perfumes all over the country at the most discounted rates. We have a highly advanced online ordering system that ensures timely delivery at the right place and to the right person. All you need to do is to find your favorite perfumes and click on order. You'll have it at your doorsteps in no time.

Not just perfumes, you can buy Eau de Parfume, Eau de Toillett, and cologne also from us. We know how important these are for you, so we have listed perfume products of hundreds of local and mostly imported brands, which can make how exactly you look for.

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