Max Factor - False Lash Epic Mascara Black
Max Factor False Lash Epic Mascara - create the epic lash fan. Designed to stand up to the zoom, False Lash Epic Mascara captures and magnifies every detail of every lash for an epic lash fan. Formula Introducing the False...
Rs.4,999 Rs.3,499

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The name is not new in the world of cosmetics as Max Factor introduced the concept of makeup to the world back in 1920 when no woman had any idea of glamour and looks. At that time, he introduced lip gloss and other makeup products for the first time, becoming talk of the town in no time. Women have been admirer of Max Factor products since the start.

In 1991, Procter & Gamble (P&G) got impressed with the success of the brand and acquired it to make it one of world’s leading brands. The brands leads from the front when one gets to know about the history of modern makeup.

Max Factor was a Russian citizen who devoted his life while working on women’s fashion and empowerment. The brand was named after him and he is today considered as the father of modern makeup. He worked a lot for stage actors to appear with natural appearance, introducing the first complexion product back in 1914 called Grease Paint.

He was the person who brought the concept of eye color and hair color when no one had thought about them. In fact, it was Max Factor who introduced the word ‘make-up’ to the world. He generated the idea of lip gloss that he named Lip Pomade. Through out his life, Max Factor created a wide variety of makeup shades that could suit to women with different complexion, hair, and eyes.

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