FA'RA London - Men - Star Walker
Star Walker is a woody concoction of sandalwood, cedar, musk and pine. It opens with sparkling notes of bergamot and sweet mandarin, followed by rich amber mingling together to create a memorable fragrance. Star Walker is the scent of rebellion...
FA'RA London - Men - Legend Night
An olfactory creation inspired by a landscape & beautiful island of Maldives, which combines the freshness of multiple Citrus Fruits from Italy, with enveloping notes of Cardamom sublimated by precious duo Vetiver & Amber notes. Legend Night has irresistible sillage,...
FA'RA London - Men - Oud Gold
An ancient oud combined with a magnificent Eastern Amber for a duo with vitality thanks to the frankincense from the Africa & to 5 other components. Amber spreads and reveals a noble oriental heart of Musk and oud. Unisex, refined...
FA'RA London - Men - Closure
Closure is clear-cut and leathery fragrance that takes you by surprise. Topped with green notes, it is a rich mix of nutmeg, bergamot and saffron, which ends with tobacco. This is the fragrance for a man who wants to be...
EL'VAWN - Poise - Pour Homme
Poise is a feel of oceanic breeze formulated on citrus and sea notes. A perfect scent for men who like taking challenges. Ride the Tide with Poise. Notes: Top Notes: Citruses Heart Notes: Sea Notes Base Notes: Patchouli
EL'VAWN - Calmo - Pour Homme
Calmo is an experience of calming fire. The fiery and lively mixture of ironic notes put together for men with strong and charming personality. Notes: Top Notes: Ginger, Black Pepper Heart Notes: Black Basil, Sage, Cedar Base Notes: Amber, Suede,...
ELVAWN - Cyclor - Pour Homme
Cyclor is the fusion of mint and fruit with a touch of musk. It gives an experience of a strong blow of aroma that hits with a lasting impression. Notes: Top Notes: Bergamot, Black Currant Heart Notes: Apple, Mint Base...
EL'VAWN - Woodland - Pour Homme
Woodland has a dry and smoky scent with rich notes that defines a person who possesses the spirit of movement and stands out from the crowd. Notes: Notes: Mango, Sandalwood, Tangerine, Patchouli, Tonka Bean, Sage, Wormwood, Lemon
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