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Janssen - 2-Phase Melafadin Concentrate 10 ML
About:Intensive 40-day cure for the start of a skin-brightening treatment. Active substance concentrate in 2-phase ampoules with vitamin C phosphate (powder phase) plus lipoamino acid, SORR and mulberry tree root extract (liquid phase).How to use:2-Phase Melafadin Concentrate is a 40-day...
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Janssen - AHA + BHA Cleanser - 500ml
Cleansing emulsion with fruit acids and salicylic acid for thorough cleansing of oily, blemished skin. The complexion can be significantly improved with regular use.Cleansing emulsion with fruit acids and salicylic acid for thorough cleansing of oily, blemished skin. The complexion...
Janssen - AHA + BHA Exfoliator - 50ml
Highly concentrated fruit acid peel for oily, blemished and acne-prone skin. The formula combines four fruit acids with pure salicylic acid to reliably remove dead skin cells and open up clogged pores.Highly concentrated fruit acid peel for oily, blemished and...
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Janssen - Aquatense Moisture Gel 150 ML
Aquatense Moisture Gel is a refreshing cream gel for dry, moisture-deficient skin. With aquaporinstimulating peptide (ASP) and a hydration complex consisting of hyaluronic acid and Atlantic algae. After cleansing and toning, apply onto the face, neck and neckline and distribute...
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Janssen - Body Lotion Isoflavonia - 200ml
Active substance-rich lotion for soft body skin. Leaves the body contours feeling smooth and firm. Gentle fragrance. Contains isoflavones, kombuchka, mango butter and natural moisture retention factors. USAGE Generously distribute Body Lotion “ISOFLAVONIA” all over the body's skin each time...
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Janssen - Brightening Day Protection 100ml
Skin brightening care cream with SPF 20. Thanks to microfine white pigments, skin immediately appears brighter and less blemished after application. Over time, the highly effective active ingredient, hexylresorcinol, provides a skin brightening effect. How to use : Apply daily...
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Janssen - Brightening Exfoliator 100 ML
About: Peeling cream for clear and more even facial skin. With peeling granules consisting of skinfriendly perlite beads plus citric and glycolic acid. How to use: Distribute onto the skin on the face, neck and neckline twice a week after...
Janssen - Brightening Night Care 150ML
About: Skin brightening overnight care. Skin brightening and moisturising overnight care, which perfectly complements the Brightening Day Protection product and continuously supplies skin with the effective skin-brightening active ingredient hexylresorcinol during the night. How to use: Apply daily in the...
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Janssen - Caviar Extract 7 x 2ml
The 7-day energy boost for your skin. All-round care for regenerating all skin profiles which are lacking in vitality.USAGEGently distribute Caviar Extract over the cleansed skin. To do this, break off the top of the ampoule, protecting your hands with...
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Janssen - Deep Xpress Hydro Mask 200 ML
Dehydrated skin is intensively and long-lasting supplied with more moisture. The skin is effectively protected from dehydration as the innovative Hydro Express Complex forms an invisible protective molecular network that continuously moisturises and protects the skin. Your skin looks fresh...
Janssen - Derma Fleece Collagen Sheet
DERMAFLEECE MASKS are an extensive range of superior active substance masks manufactured from high-quality collagen of extraordinary purity. The native, soluble collagen is bovine in origin and is treated in a special production process to form a biomatrix. As soon...
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Janssen - Enzyme Peeling Powder - 100g
Gently acting facial peel in powder form with a keratolytic enzyme complex for rather dry, blemished skin.This Peeling Powder Powder intensively but gently lifts loose skin cells and excess sebum from the skin. The fine-grained powder contains a keratolytic enzyme...
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Janssen - Epigenetic Serum - 10ml
Active serum with an in-depth pre-aging effect. Preserves the youthfulness of the skin and makes it more resistant to the signs of time. Recent scientific studies prove that our genes do not determine everything. Their activity can be controlled, whether...
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Janssen - Extra Rich Convenience Cream - 200 ML
Apply Extra Rich Convenience Cream onto the cleansed skin of the face and neckline in the morning and/or evening. Tip: Particularly in the winter, Extra Rich Convenience Cream offers protection against aggressive climatic influences and protects the skin against the...
Janssen - Eye Flash Fluid 7 x 2ml
Hydrating eye serum with hyaluronic acid and a peptide complex.USAGEApply Eye Flash Fluid to the area around your eyes after cleansing the skin in the morning and/or at night and pat it in lightly with your fingertips.To do this, wrap...
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Janssen - Eye Make Up Remover 200 ML
An oil-free cleansing gel for all skin types. How to use : Removal of make-up from the eyelids and eye lashes should always take place prior to actual facial cleansing. When doing this use of a fresh pad coated with...
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Janssen - Good Night Lip Mask - 15ml
Smoothing overnight mask for full supple lips. Can also be used during the day as SOS care. Smoothing overnight mask for full supple lips. Highly effective at repairing, the lip mask allows especially dry, brittle lips to breathe again: Overnight,...
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Janssen - Hand Care Cream - 50ml
A protective herbal cream for the care of especially stressed hands. Protective and skin-smoothing hand cream with a soft texture. Cares for stressed hands and cuticles without leaving greasy traces. Immediately restores suppleness to the skin on the hands and...
Janssen - Hyaluron Fluid 2ml
About:The 7-day moisture boost for your skin. Highly-concentrated moisture fluid with short and long chain hyaluronic acid.How to use:Gently distribute Hyaluron Fluid onto cleansed skin. To do so, break off the top of the ampoule, protecting your hands with a...
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Janssen - Hyaluron Replenish Cream 200ML
Dry, rather low-fat skin receives noticeable relaxation, elasticity and suppleness. Has a regenerating effect overnight and strengthens the skin barrier. The non-stop moisturiser provides a noticeably smoothing effect in no time at all and replenishes the skin's moisture and lipid...
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Janssen - Lifting & Recovery Cream 200mL
About:This intensive building cream is a so-called "all-rounder". The skin is noticeably tightened and resilience and elasticity are increased. The depth and volume of skin wrinkles are reduced over the long term, visibly improving the skin's structure.Lifting & Recovery Cream...
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Janssen - Light Tightening Cream 150ML
Light Tightening Cream is the ideal skin care in summer temperatures. It gives the skin new energy, intensively moisturises it and combats signs of tiredness. As an energy booster, it stimulates the skin's metabolism and gives it more resilience and...
Janssen - Microsilver serum - 50ml
Serum with active ingredient to improve the appearance of blemished, oily skin prone to efflorescences. Contains micro-silver, glycolic acid, allantoin and D-panthenol.Serum with active ingredient to improve the appearance of blemished, oily skin prone to efflorescences. Contains micro-silver, glycolic acid,...
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Janssen - Optimal Tinted Complexion Cream 50 ML
Tinted day protection cream with SPF 10 for demanding skin. With moisture retention complex obtained from natural sugars. How to use To tint the skin, evenly distribute Optimal Tinted Complexion Cream over the face, including the eye area, after cleansing....
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