Framesi - Scalp Refresh Spray - 100 ml
Scalp Refresh Spray is indicated for scalp problems including bacterial dandruff, dandruff and oily scalp. It is a leave in spray which refreshes the scalp, keeps it hydrated and deodorized. It regulates dandruff and sebum production and results in a...
Rs.1,850 Rs.1,480
Framesi - Scalp Detox Essence - 150 ml
Scalp Detox Essence is specially indicated for bacterial dandruffIt is the first step in anti-bacterial treatmentIt is a detox treatment for scalp stressed by external factors to be used before shampooIt removes impurities and protects from smog and free radicalsParabens,...
Rs.1,930 Rs.1,544
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Framesi - Morphosis Scalp Exfoliate 150 ml
Scalp Exfoliate contains delicate pure jojoba wax pearls, immersed in a soft emulsion. It eliminates sebum, dandruff deposits, dead cells and fixing products. Application stimulates surface blood circulation and gets the scalp ready to absorb the main principles of Morphosis...
Rs.1,320 Rs.1,056
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