Framesi - Densifying Activator - 7 ml
Densifying Activator is a part of anti-hairfall treatment for sensitive scalpAfter washing hair with Densifying shampoo and Instant Bodifying conditioner, follow with -Densifying Activator which is a serum for fragile hairIt has a heating effect which helps in micro-circulationIt reinforces...
Rs.420 Rs.336
Framesi - Morphosis Densifying Shampoo 250 ml
Morphosis Densifying Shampoo cleanses the hydrolipid barrier of the scalp, leaving the hair soft and shinyParticularly suitable for women, it is an effective adjuvant in anti-hair loss treatment.
Rs.1,590 Rs.1,272
Framesi - Instant Bodifying Conditioner - 250 ml
Instant Bodifying conditioner is a part of anti-hairfall treatmentIt is specially suited for fragile hairIt gives hair shine and makes them easy to manage thanks to Arginine, Vitamin B6, Nigella Oil and PhytokeratinIt also gives instant instant consistency to the...
Rs.1,510 Rs.1,208
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Framesi - Energizing Spray - 150 ml
Energizing spray is a part of anti-hairfall treatmentIt is specially suited for fragile hairIt purifies and balances the scalp thanks to extracts of Ginger, Incense, Red Grape, Arginine and Vitamin B6It also keeps the scalp healthy and preserve hair densityIt...
Rs.1,680 Rs.1,344
Framesi - Densifying Shampoo - 1000 ml
Densifying Shampoo is the first step in anti-hair fall treatment. It is suited for sensitive scalp. It contains extract of Apple Stem Cells, which increases the life of hair follicle cells and scalp. It cleanses the hydrolipid barrier of the...
Rs.3,260 Rs.2,608
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